Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

different i'll give you that

but it was too slow, i hadly had t do anything except watch the little zebra make steps... couldn't even have the patience to sit to the finish it bored me...
if it were faster...i'd love it.

Beast0 responds:

The speed is determined by your computer speed. Some people have finished in under 5 seconds which is hardly a long time lets face it. The quality toggle may help speed things up if it really is that slow.


zebra racing...the whole thing is kinda funny...although the game is still really easy to beat and u only race once...

That was TOTALY not front page shit!

I liked it, but it got knda lame after a while!


Lot of effort.

A lot of effort went into this game, the ads, the animation, the nitro boost.
Worth playing but not with an expensive keyboard.


I really enjoyed your adventure, so I checked out your other submissions... compared to them Zebra Race is rather bad, gfx are nice, but the game gets boring after one round. Could be used as a preloader game ;). S please do a sequel to Swedish Saveloy, that adventure really had the feel of the Lucas Arts stuff. You are very talented, I'd say. Keep up that work.