Reviews for "Zebra Racing"


This game was really impressive, i enjoyed the addition of the scoreboard and nitro boost. keep up the good work!

good done

easy to easy

my record is 30,43

can you beat me?


I luv it, and people that say it's hard are talking rubbish...I just wish I had a computor powerful enough to get one of those 5 second times. I noticed if u change the quality, u can get the speed up considerably.

I hope to see a zebra racing 2, with like new levels and more track and field esc ideas being churned out (or too fast too furious, hehe, upgrading ur zebra...hmm interesting)


I have some minor suggestions that might help improving it, not that's it's not great already, but nothing can't get better!

1. More opponents, and some form of tournament :P

2. Better running animation, this one didn't really fit in...

3. A working scoreboard? Hmm, well yes, NG doesn't support PHP, but it'd be cool to recieve a link to another game, with a working scoreboard

4. Hmm.. Nothing more to complain about... Good work!

Pretty good

I thought it was a good game but it's way to damn hard.....didnt win a single race...oh well....