Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

fun =D

i won 1 outa 15 times! its pretty cool, but hard


Who are the assholes who said to make it harder? its like.. really not easy at all now. what's the word... o yeah



that was fun, but constantly getting my ass kicked by the computer made it less so. it's good, but the computer just takes like 2 steps and it shoots out at full speed. uh...wow?

Ive got one thing to that homophobe....

Why is it that if someone makes a crap game or cartoon, you always have to say they are flamingly gay. Uh, i have no idea what you happen to be thinking but, just because someone makes a game that sucks (this one doesnt) doesnt make them magically gay.

funny and fun

was quite poinltess but it was kinda fun