Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

BS the controls dont work

watch out for false starts


I don't understand how people are having trouble with this game.
I usually beat it in 16 seconds and the opponent is nowhere near close behind me.
In fact, I can beat it without the use of nitro.
In 20 seconds, it's still possible to win.
So what's this whole thing about?
A friend of mine mentioned that he beat it in 7 seconds and barely beat the other zebra.
What the hell?
(Mediocre game by the way. It was fine, I can't complain).

What the ****

what the **** its says to do those things with your keys BUT it wont move for me i hate it and why does hte quality change when the race starts this is a piece of ****

Neat Game but needs work

Nice game overall. Need some work though. Like if the High Score thing actually worked.
(Tip- Use the nitro at the start of the race and then hit the buttons like hell.)


its sorta cool, but i pressed the buttons as fast as i could ect.. and i fast, but i couldnt get anywhere close to the other damn zebra... how the hell do u use the nitro boost or w/e u need to do to win???