Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

It's hard, it's just 1 level, it blows actually...

Seeing the last revieuw, 4 for voilence, u don't agree? That's even a lot for this game I'd say... I don't see any blood or fighting or anythin...? Just press left-right-left-right like hell for 6 secs, and if you win or lose, either way, it's over. That's it...

Beast0 responds:

I think you missed the point ... I was saying there is no violence at all, so why give 4 rather than 0, that was my point...*me slaps his head*

dude i cnt win

the other guy just shoots off i dnt got a chance

Beast0 responds:

hmm weird review, 4 for violence? are you from animal rights or something?

Good try

I don't know, you sure got the concept right, but i would figure it'd be alot more successful as a viral if you made the game longer and harder to beat. Just my 2 cents, you can always throw it back at me.

Beast0 responds:

I always thought viral marketing strategies were best with short addictive games, maybe i got it wrong. I did the old Arkanoid bat and brick game once for a company but they refused as it was too big a game.

I have a 2 player version of this somewhere with 3 events but it didnt feel as complete or accomplished, maybe i will upload it.

great game

thats really good for a flash game however i have seen better.

Good Stuff

that was a pretty good game
nice work