Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

too simple

way way way to easy. all you do for you people who are having problems is use two index fingers... beat it first time without nitro boosts...

Why God?

This looked fun, then I realized that you would have to acquire robot hands to actually win, and since I don't have a robot then this game sucks royally. You can't win, what is so fun about that?

Stupid Zebra

So are you not supposed to be able to win at all? What good does a nos boost from his ass do if the stupid zebra lags at the start? Waste of time.

What do you expect of us??

First off, you have to hit the keys at a super-human speed, the nitros are hard to activate when your pressing the keys like that, and the nitros don't really do to much. And ZEBRAS??? sorry man.

iight i guess

for the person who said this don't know why you say it's STILL easy he said is it still to easy not that it is easy lol but ya harder alot