Reviews for "Zebra Racing"


It was kinda pointless. One race, one opponent, no upgrades, too easy to beat in 12 seconds. Its not worth the time.

Pretty good

Pretty good could of put alit more work but over all good..and my time is 12:00

Good Concept

Good start, but here is what you need to do.
1) Make it a bit easier
2) Make more levels
3) Add some sounds, like hooves
4) Choose your rider/zebra
5) Longer track
6) Different music on the other levels
7) At least 5 zebras racing at a time

Then the game would kick more ass than 95% of the stuff here.

too hard...

make it easier....thats all i hav to say...


that was fun, but constantly getting my ass kicked by the computer made it less so. it's good, but the computer just takes like 2 steps and it shoots out at full speed. uh...wow?