Reviews for "Zebra Racing"


It has real potential. As probably stated before, try to add more options, racers, and such. Liked the art style, too.

Pretty bad

But not the worst. You must not have played a lot of games pimp, cuz there are some games here that will make you want to kill the people who made them.

Haha its ok

The game is ok just boring. I beat it in 8.454 Seconds but it took me awhile like 5 min to actually learn how to play it, but now I'm bored of it so idunno, maybe you should've added more replayability. Didn't you make Hostage Situation 1 and 2...hahaha this is way off the subject but why are those 2 good and this just blah?? Oh well, this marketing idea should've been a different one.

wtf was that

look, this game is impossible, annoying, and short with very little talent, work and time put into it. that pretty much sums it up, and what the hell were u smokin when u were makin this game? racing zebras with nitro going at impossible speeds? u might say this is a good "creative piece of work", but its crap. and since im feelin a little nice today, i will give u a 5. nuff said

Impossible to beat

This game is to hard but with a good concept i wish i could race Zebras in real life to but damn those animal abuse laws...LONG LIVE THE WHALES