Reviews for "Zebra Racing"


This should definitly be a real sport


I really enjoyed your adventure, so I checked out your other submissions... compared to them Zebra Race is rather bad, gfx are nice, but the game gets boring after one round. Could be used as a preloader game ;). S please do a sequel to Swedish Saveloy, that adventure really had the feel of the Lucas Arts stuff. You are very talented, I'd say. Keep up that work.


im a fan of you're work, but why do you advertise in ya movies...its fuckin sad, also that game was wayyyyyyy to easy.

Lot of effort.

A lot of effort went into this game, the ads, the animation, the nitro boost.
Worth playing but not with an expensive keyboard.


Cool Game! You know, i have been trying to work out how to make a game where a character gets faster and faster using alternate arrow keys, but cant work out an effective script! if you could help me out that be cool :D

thanks (great game) :D