Reviews for "Zebra Racing"


THAT GAME WAS EASY. I like the graphics and everything but the music loop is annoying

The Secret is Nitro

At first I found the game as hard as hell... the computer runs in 6 seconds... I used to end the race at 9.5 seconds. Quite frustrating.

The secret is all in the nitro, use it at the start of the race, as soon as you read the word "Go" and then start bashing on buttons... I ended the race at 6.355 seconds.

Gud game

it was gud to play although once u hav played it there is no need to play it again.

Squall41 is a liar i came second with a time of 7.978 so i dont c how he won with his time

pretty good

not that hard,beat it on my first try with a time of 9.450. good jorb.


Is it possible to win this game and be placed 1st. I don't think it is possible, I nearly broken my keyboard pressing left and right.