Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

Needs more effort put in

I enjoyed racing, which is somthing i normally hate, but it's not often you ride in a sherrif hat standing up on a over sized zebra. You need to put more effort into grpahics/racing, your zebras pretty much slide and not run.

You get a 9 xP

Thee Zebra wash Adorableh! ^_^

But unlike the other person, I have really quick typing abilities so beating this game was a snap!! You should make different levels!! ^____^

Good work!!!

this game pissed me off

it was way too easy to get my ass kicked. I hated this game... the zebra was cute though.

sall right

But I must suck cuz i cant fooking win for the life of me.


I tried like 20x to win and I finaly did, the games pretty gay though.