Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

Way to hard

Tone it down a bit, the other guy is IMPOSSIBLE to beat.

greatest game ever

so fuckin awesome......i got a 10 second zebra, fastest thing i ever had

Delete theroyals5's account... that site is outwar

that was okay but you should make it a little easier and better controls


It was a little bit to hard or easy it was a little bit to gay i mean come on a zerbra and you press 2 buttens god man what are you thinking i mean you have great talent just dont waste it on these peice of crap games. Make a better one funner a little something with more than 2 buttens

holy crap

That sucked! That was so borign and insanely hard. I'd rather eat meatloaf than play this again! You made it way too hard to beat the computer. It wasn't fun at all. Also, I hate games where you just press two buttons rapidly to try and win tohugh you almost never do.