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Reviews for "Dress Link Up"


i made dark link


It was very good! Although it was kinda hard to see all the selections because they were sooo close together.

The song makes me cry. :(


This is now my fave!

Oh. I also noticed all of the negative reviews as I checked the reviews. Ignore them. Half of them don't realise how hard it is to make a game like this and they want everyone else who made these feel bad.(even though I can't even make a flash) Some say it's gay and all, forget them. Those designs with stars and ect were kinda cute if you ask me.=) And if this flash gets blammed, I'll be here to protect it. I liked it enough to be in my favorites.


I love TLoZ but you just made it gay. VERY GAY!
Why is it gay?
Your dressing up a guy elf in clothes that have rainbows and stars on them.
Also the music is Zeldas lulliby, which is th love song ov Zelda.
And Your not dressing up a girl, (LIKE ZELDA, FORSAY?).

Your a faggot.
And the game sux.