Reviews for "==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+=="


Just wow.... have you ever concider submitting some of your stuff to ocremix.org?

HouseMasta responds:

yes i have, but I'm too lazy too do the damn submission... I guarantee i will submit some of them there and see if they get accepted!

how do u do it?

i mean that by making AWSOME songs i wish i they had a favorite audio artist list for the profile thingy....
(not trying to sound like a suck up but u would be my top favorite)

HouseMasta responds:

sweet! thanks! (maybe just put me in your favorite music slot)

thanks again for the review!


That really took me back..... and to think i sold my 64 2 weeks ago, i wanna play this now!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks you made me sad!

HouseMasta responds:

hahahaha sorry!

great news though, you can play your N64 Games on the Wii, so i guess im a supporter of it if i caused you to be sad lol!


awsome song 60/10...........yawn....


mellow, yet... hsa a good beat and you did pretty good on mixing this up.