Reviews for "==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+=="

Very nice.

It's a great soothing melody where you can kick back to and i liked how you put in some character voices in the background to give it more detail,overall i just absolutely love this song. =D *downloaded!*

HouseMasta responds:

glad you DL'ed it! thanks for once again reviewing me!

perfectly marvalouse

do a rianbow sing like this or am i on crack weed and alchohale other wis nown as akawak

but its the shit and its ratted by a black man!!

so you know its good

HouseMasta responds:

i dont know what the hell you just said...


That really took me back..... and to think i sold my 64 2 weeks ago, i wanna play this now!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks you made me sad!

HouseMasta responds:

hahahaha sorry!

great news though, you can play your N64 Games on the Wii, so i guess im a supporter of it if i caused you to be sad lol!


I liked! A bit slow at the begining tho ...but the rest of the song definately made up for it!

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot for the 10!!!!


*Sniffle* I want to cry...*sniff sniff*. Ok, I'm good now. Yes soft, and heavenly. I loved every second of it!! You have my vote!

I had to check out the the full version because I heard it in Mikekid's flash. He didnt get to the good part though, but heh, atleast it got my attention.

HouseMasta responds:

oh wow, so you heard it from the flash? XD!!! sweet! thanks for the review!