Reviews for "==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+=="


Right after I hit the button to vote 5 Mario went "WooHoo"

Absolutely awesome mix. Rainbow Road is my favorite course from each of the MK games and to be honest it is mainly because of the music. Great job.

ahhh...soothing mario kart...

i love it that IS very soothing


Why isnt this a diamond track?!Its a great remix,man!lol

Ahhh...the memories.

In MK64 this was(and still is) my fav track to play on. Hearing this remix makes me want to go play it for old times sake. Over all I wouldn't rate it a 10 more like a 15! Keep it up Housemasta!

o ya

that was awsome i loved it o ya PX9 is a female just to let you no anyway your songs rock hard,,,,,to the max

HouseMasta responds:

PX9 is a guy... look at my sign up date. ive been around long enough to know. its a guy :P