Reviews for "==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+=="


^_^ 5/5


it's great. all of the Mario kart fans will be pleased lol

"Lets a'go!!!" hahahahaaaaa classic

rainbow road arrr so cute eveyone loves that one and this remix is oh so cute :) sadly i didnt hear a "select your player" that would have shoved this of the scales this remix is rearly smooth aswell hard to imagine something like this being heard on Madness Day lol :) keep them comeing


Its not often that you hear a mario cart song on the web, but its an even rarer occurance that you hear your favorite tracks theam. and with that I say thak you for the mix.
p.s. The music is the f***n sh**.

Excellent Remix

You picked good instruments and ambient sounds for this. Plus, the MK sounds in the background were a neat touch.

10/10, 5/5, and a download. You get the whole shebang.