Reviews for "==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+=="

Wow amazing :D

Did you play this song at the same time you played the game too?

Well i hear Mario some times too! :D

HouseMasta responds:

no i didnt lol thanks for the review

how do u do it?

i mean that by making AWSOME songs i wish i they had a favorite audio artist list for the profile thingy....
(not trying to sound like a suck up but u would be my top favorite)

HouseMasta responds:

sweet! thanks! (maybe just put me in your favorite music slot)

thanks again for the review!

not to be critizing but it sounds FF music

This is so cool really original ussually people make it metal.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the review - the beginning i made up all by myself... no FF music here :)

I love it

That was great, good job on remixing one of the best songs on on of the best games ever.

HouseMasta responds:

Thanks for the 10! Im glad you enjoyed it that much. I love getting votes and reviews (especially good ones!) Thanks again!

Woah... Nice remix!

I heard remixes of this but this is cool! The others I heard were intence but this slower verson is as cool as mystic ice (cool and sexy) You got class bud! Keep it up at it!

HouseMasta responds:

...sexy...? lol ok, well thanks for the review anyway!