Reviews for "==+MKRRR Rainbow Road Remix+=="


This Is Great Stuff.... Deja Vu Man... deja Vu.... Although for some reason This Vaguely Remined me of Wave Racer 64..... Weird....

HouseMasta responds:

Wave Tacer 64? wow

well, glad you enjoyed it so much!

It sounds so peaceful and cool.

This is the bestest remix of the rainbow road song I ever heard before.
I liked it beter than all the other remixes that are in this website.

HouseMasta responds:

good to hear!

I've always loved that theme...

You did a good job on making it sound really mystic and cool. Good job.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot for your review! glad to hear from ya again!

Amazing. Need I say more?

Yes I do need to say more. First you turn an old classic like the Rainbow Road Song into this amazing trance melody. On top of that, you add an amazing bass line and even your own creation at the beginning. I was left speechless. I'm an old-school Nintendo gamer, and you really do the older games justice. You should create some of the original Mario songs ;). You did an amazing job!!! I'm really lazy and never review, but I just had to for this... you can expect many more 10s from me (I've listened to a lot of your other music but I'm too lazy to review now :P). Keep up the excellent work!!!

HouseMasta responds:

sweet! Thanks for taking the time to review (and vote lol) on my audio submissions! i greatly appreciate it!

More possitive feedback from Yaminomalex-san?

Cool remix with nice sound effects added in the mix. I don't really know what else to say except the fact that i'm a big fan.

HouseMasta responds:

HouseMasta:: The FreshMusicMaker!
Thanks again! (Recommend me to your friends, too!) If you wanna talk via AIM, look in my profile!
Thanks again!