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Reviews for "AEvil"

This is the best of the best

How can someone make such a good movie apart from Tom Fulp or Brain Beaton ? I don't know. This is great.It is one of the beat games in newgrounds. It doesn't tip Pico though. I would like to see more of this. The zombies are pretty convincing apart from the eyes but there okay concidoring it is home made.The only other thing you should have been able to do is pick a weapon and have multiple routes but that doesn't matter to much any way.So thank you for bothering to do such a good game and all.I would rate this in the top 50 in all of the thousands of games in the world of newgrounds.

Hail to the king

excellent game well desreving of high marks, all the more so for evil dead quotation.

i love the game

i love the game and its so cool ceep it up =) i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gooooodddd game its funny as hell its good and it is like duck hunt on crack maybe u should make a next 1 like evil 2 or something it will be good but there should be a boss though that would make it kooler

464 Carnage!

Even by today's standards, this is still a pretty damn fun game, screw the jerks who hate it for being a tad "out of date"!