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Reviews for "AEvil"

Feels funny playing a flash game nearly old enough to drink.

Zombie killing = FUN

OK first off this game is pretty fun, the {ART} and GRAPHICS are pretty decent not great stuff but still showing some nice {VISUALS} the animation of the {ZOMBIES} could have been better i suppose, but other then that it was alright, i like how each level changes into a new {SCENE} for an older flash game you still presented a fun and very active game, but ofcourse there could be some {IMPROVMENTS} such as, I noticed the rate at wich you kill a zombie seems very slow, so the {KILLS} came in very slow, thats something you could speed up, also adding a {CROSS-FIRE} would also help, these are just a few ideas that could really put this flash game over the edge and give you better end results, but really for the most part its pretty good and fun, not addictive like i first thought but with a few fixes and changes you can make it much better and much improved and shows much more effort on yourside of things, Anyways fun game you have here, keep up the awsome work.

You should think about adding a cross-fire, instead of the cursor arrow it makes it look like you are really using a weapon of some sort, and gives the player that sense of feel that they really are killing or shooting something.
Also speeding up the kill rate would be another touch, Fun zombie game abit slow but still ok with me.


this game is 19

good game

Kills: 25/25
Carnage: 93
Bonus: 149
Total: 242
Also this game is a classic.
But objectively it's kinda bad because there's not much to it and it's way too easy.