Reviews for "AEvil"

Fantasticaly mind numbigly S*H*I*T

ryt my first review and its on the bigest load a crap ver. the graphics = mehh.
the game play is boreing and dull who in their right mind would make such a crap piece of work
Sry but dont even boher opening it!



I think this is waaay overrated its not that great. The zombies only die if you hit them in the head and even then they die in a really lame fashion of blowing up in a cartoon 'bang' of red. You should be able to shoot their limbs off. Its so easy and pointless.

Not too bad

It's a shooter, no doubt about that.
If the "zombies" made noises as you shot them (arrgh.... ahhhh... you shot my shriveled balls!) you'd probably have a better game. I like the price is right theme song at the end.

Worth looking at if killing 5 minutes at work.

its ok

its an ok game

good game

good game, simple as that, i dont no much else to say