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Reviews for "Castle Cat 2"

EPIC fail

oh dear castle cat has made an EPIC FAIL i mean theve adapted everything badly i cant even see meh lives and i thought cats had 9 lives not 3!

This game is awesome!

I absolutely love the music! But where can u find the second song? Song #2 during normal gameplay? I've been looking for it everywhere.

Castle Cat 2 tips

When fighting the small octopuses use your small axes to kill them, Use the cannons when you see a car or that creature to beat them easily, its best to use the cannons not the axes thats boring

Thats all and btw im a friendly helpful guy :)


the music is great! press track 2!

A little better

an improvement from the 1st one, but i'm a tought critic 5/10! I voted 2/10 on the 1st Castle cat.