Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"


I really loved the Beggining, The Piano/Echo effect was brilliant, but i agree with scullcrusher, the transition around 1:20 is a little off and could've been better.
Great Job

Congratulations on making weekly best!

Don't know what to say really but I felt that this could have gotten more omph put into it(hmm don't really know how to explain...). Ugh my head hurts :/ Well anyway sorry for the hazy review but congrats on making the weekly best.

Words of encouragement:You Are A Great Person :D

mjattie responds:

omph? XD... Tx for reaction


I really love this. Its so melodic, catchy, and just beautiful. Keep it up, and welcome to ym favorites! :P


THIS... IS EXACTLY LIKE A SONG FROM AN EPIC PS GAME. The beginning brings me back to playing it at home man... It is beautiful. The only flaws I saw were after 50 seconds... there were many off notes you should of deleted. They hurt the ears dammit!!! :( EVerything before 50 seconds was Fantastic. Try to start something from there again!!

Sorry.. lol. Good job for best of week. #5!! :D

mjattie responds:

you're the only one that doesn't like the part after that, but ok, I accept and understand your meanings. I've listened to your songs but I think those aren't very moving... I know what you would have done with this song :P

Though, thanks for review

Top 5? wow!

Goed gedaan kerel,
Liked the piano play and the ambient sounds on the background
The drums are soft and it just fits with the song
I like to hear more of you!
keep it up

-DJ Martcore

mjattie responds:

lol, klinkt vaderlijk: kerel :P Tx for reaction :P