Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"


summary: this is so cool. it brings ur mind to a lot of things, mostly random things. sometimes itlike something JakBaronKing said, "find my self floating in space." this songs reminds me s most of the time of nothing. just stuck in darkness.

your score: u get 5/5 and 10/10 awsome work!

improvements: u should add some more bass as u go into the middle of the song but it really wouldn't do anything because it sounds really good with a touch of bass and it would sound about the same with more bass so wateva. i noticed that somewhere in the middle of the song, u stop and change the beat and tune. u really shouldn't do that too much.

nice work!

mjattie responds:

actually it's the same beat but half time :P. Only other piano is different, but same chords too :P

Find myself floating in space....

it sure is peaceful...watching galaxies float by...

That's what this music reminds me of.


This is proof that people can make great music. I love your style. Its got that perfect beat mixed with the piano. And the slowdown was perfectly timed. Its hard as hell to do that correctly without making it sound bad. =) Amazing.

10/10. 5/5 And added to favorites.


really good keep it up

Sounds good.

it you made it tad more gloomy this could be used for one of those Resident Evil Games.
4/5 from me

Regards Biohazard