Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"

Great talent

Piano is "killing" beautiful. I did hear one mistake in one chord, maybe..anyway, the track is awesome.
Avoid using drum loops (if it is not your loop, if yours, sorry).
Nice strings and bass lines.

The track should be longer, hahaha, really. Keep going on it. Great talent.

mjattie responds:

all these loops are made by me. No standards :P

tx for reaction

A truly powerful movement of music and emotions

This excellently takes the sounds of the piano, complemented by the background sounds and displays emotions in a great intensity. At 2:15 when it ended, I actually wanted it to go on. Like I said, Truly moving.

Excellent work, I will enjoy listening to this song for as long as it's on here.


It felt like I've heard this somewhere before. Did you use some track as a model when you were making this? Might be my imagination thou ^.^
I listened this few times through, one of the best tracks I've heard here.

mjattie responds:

uhm, I didn't listen to any song when I was creating it, but maybe indirectly XD

ty for reaction

Well done

maybe the best Piano solo i have ever heard

mjattie responds:

lol tx!


this song is so calm. so serine. its a really good peice of work. i cant find anything to complian about nice work =]