Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"

So nice!!!

I like this song, tHE PIANO sounds hell good, THE TIME is pretty perfect and the backgrounds sounds like a game for me, Hell yeah. Hope you have others like this, But tell me do you like to use some authors songs so as to change Ssomething???
I mean like video games tracks.
(personlña opinion cause this would be useful tome)

mjattie responds:

yea sure. Tell me what to do.XD




The begining sounds like something from Chrono Trigger. Great Job. I like the piano and the techno in the background.


This is very smooth, I like it a lot, but I almost wish you'd combined this with 1.0 (make it a 3.0 version). You took out the psy trance part, but actually I wish you'd reversed it by simply keep the piano in the first one as a lower layer to the music. The psy trance would introduce itself and you had the first piece ramp up, then it would fade out while the piano solo did it's thing, then both trail in the end as a muted dual-layer. Iunno, just my ideas :D

Yeah, I agree with the previous reviewer... it would be nice if it were longer, but I'll add one more thing. Don't fade out those last few seconds. Try to find a way to loop the whole thing. You've already got the tonal center for it, but it would be nice if it were flawless front to back so you don't even recognize it's replaying :)


omfg awesome