Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"

Pretty good

First of all, congratulations on getting the Best of the Week. I thought the song was good. I liked the piano and it just flowed well and kept me interested in the music. However, some things I did not enjoy were how the piano flowed well, but none of the other sound effects flowed well with the song mainly because I usually don't like synthesizers, but it would have done better if you planned it a little better. Now I agree with Andrea364 that you need to get a real bass player to play in this song, because it just doesn't sound as realistic as a real bass guitar, I don't know how to play bass so don't pm me please. Other than that though, it was a godd song and you did a fine job at creating it. I wish you the best of luck on your future projects andhope you take some of my suggestions.


Great job, and congratulations on getting it on the Best of the Week! The song is very sweet, even though the transitions between phrases do not flow very well. You should probably get a real bass player to play the bass guitar part. Synth bass just doesn't sound as awesome. I play bass and guitar, so it'd be a pretty easy task for me. I have an ear for notes and tone.

mjattie responds:

it are just four notes. Don't know exactly what you mean how that can be improved... It's not a hard piece, so... but if you wanna improve it, just send me a pm and I'll give you the .rns file


Pretty good lot better than what i can make.


sound good


Its quite relaxing =)

one of my favorites