Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"


I love this song. Probably one of the best I've heard on NG. At first I thought I could play this on the piano until it got to the middle O_o

mjattie responds:

LOL I didn't play it either :P But I think I can if I practice. Tx for reaction.


It seems like a great intro for something. A soap opera maybe? I don't know where, but this will definitely go places, I'd almost guarantee it. Great work, better than I could do. You used an interesting setup of instruments, but you used them flawlessly. This could quickly become an opening to spectacular, because this is. No matter what subject, I can think of a way this would work in any situation.

I like this.

It's very nice. Good job! ^_^

i like this!

this has a bad to good theme to it, it's also very relaxing. keep up the good work!

Very Nice

Great job. There's nothing I love more than some mellow piano with a little background rhythm. ^_^