Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"

I thought...

That it was gonna be Linkin Park cover. But it wasn't...and you know what?
It was better off that way.

Amazing song!

I loved the transition into the piano riff thing and the piano riff itself was schweet!

Imma downloading this thing! And listening to it...CUZ IT'S AWESOME!

5/5 10/10 3.83/5.00 (+0.12) Downloaded, Favorite'd, ENJOYED


beautiful sounding piano! I'm loving it! In fact the more i listen to this i was going to give you an 8 but i think this song is well deserving of a 9 and i'm adding it to my favorites list! Wonderful work on this track!



That was really fast man, good job! But some one of the chords is wrong at 00:48, just fix that and it will be just PERFECT!

OMG I love this tune so much!

Keep it up my brotha!


mjattie responds:

tx, well the chord is on purpose... But I am changing the whole chords at that point so that it sounds not wrong anymore Tx for review(s)


Piano immediatley cought my attention! I love piano's!
slowly some pads roll in.
with a bassguitar and some tribalish beats! (?)
i dont really like the key change it might be too fast and forced. but when its finally playing i sorta like it. and its still building up! Im waiting for that snare roll and then some wicked dance song. Instead it gave me some slowmo part.

you obviously know what you are doing.

hard to give any. altough the key change might sound too sudden...
if you play low notes on the piano, they kinda sound cheap ( in my oppinion )
Maybe use a contrabass instead of bassguitar?
More orchestral sounds would be awesome
some more reverb/chorus on the piano would be awesome!

Hope you take my advice ;)


please check out my new song!! :D

mjattie responds:

HEY tx for the awesome review :) I'll check your song out. Which kind of notes do you mean that sound cheap? the very low piano or the middle low piano? By the way, the contrabass is a good Idea although I like the bass guitar too ...