Reviews for "Crawling 2.1 - Mjattie"

Much Better

I agree with F-777 when he says the strings were held back way too much. The strings should be a bit louder, it would be nice so that the song was slightly less piano centered. The piano was really good but I thought that it should have had a little bit more besides piano. The piano was extremely good regardless of that. I liked the echo on the piano, it gave the song a nice ambient feel. 2.1 is so much better than the original. It had a sad feel to it but the beat in the background gave it a slightly faster sort of feeling. Nice all around, I downloaded it and gave it a 5 all the way.

nice going! Better...

This is better than the original. However, the piano is still a little to far out there, doesn't really fit with the quiet ambient feel. Try the sound editor Ambience. Works awesomely to get a calm piano sound.

YOu did much better here. Nice job :)


it is definatly much better than the first one without the psy trance upsetting the balance.
this song is very soothing as well and surpasses my expectations of what you were going to do.


Very beautiful!

This is amazing! The only thing i don't like is that the strings hold back forever =P. Amazing song!


Keep it up =D.

mjattie responds:

XD the strings were meant to be on the background :P But that would we awesome too :P

lot better than 1.0

yes sorry bt the psy trance part was a bit crappy...but you surpassed,nice one...vt5 peace