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Reviews for "*- Boomer Kuwanger -*(FL Core)"


This is a great song, I love the piano and the violin, it matches perfectly with the digereedo. You should add smores to this song, those are so good!!

My only criticism really is that the song is about an hour shorter than it should be. However, this can easily be fixed by switching it to the death metal genre

Jebbal responds:

Awesome! Somebody noticed the orchestral sounds in there! I recorded them myself! I had to record myself playing the violin part 30 times so it would sound like a string ensemble when I layered them all together. It took me a decade, but it was more than worth it. I'm already getting record deals left and right for this track.

I do have the death metal version of this, clocking in at a little under an hour and a half. PM if you'd like a high quality mp3!

Thanks for the review!

A Pinnacle of Human Achievement

Nice remix, never heard the original, but if it sounds something like this then you did a very nice job. Sounds are good, love the opening, gets a bit repetitive but still good stuff.
I <3 jebbal

Jebbal responds:

It sounds exactly like this lol. I just gave it some UMPH!!!!

I know its repetivive, but I had to make it long enough. The original song is really short and I didn't want to add anything to it that wasn't in mega man, so I just had it play through twice before the end.

Thanks for the review!

I <3 Gloudas


Brings back memories of a great time for gaming, i love it!

Jebbal responds:

Hell yaaa, I could play Mega Man all day long bro! SNES was amazing.

Thanks for the review!

Cool song ^^

Quite close to the original. I like it.

Keep working =D


Jebbal responds:

Yes! It is essentially the same thing as the original! lol

Thanks for the review! I'll keep working! I'll never stop!!!!!!!