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Reviews for "*- Boomer Kuwanger -*(FL Core)"

Thumbs up!

I say, challenge well handled! Sure, there are things that could have been improved! (bass, a couple of synths) but as you mentioned already, it's not the best you could work with...though, it's something that shows what you archive with the things you already have.

I say, very good. 5up! :)

Jebbal responds:

The bass sounds like poopy scoopy, I should've played around with it more. I hate how lazy I can be sometimes! :(

My favorite sound I made is the thing that plays by itself in the very beginning. It sounds a lot like the actual one from the game!

Thanks for the review! You are spectacular!

I wanna......

........do this song in the butt.

Jebbal responds:



And I thought I loved this song before!! AMAZING!!!!! I love Megaman Music, and you just made it better!!

Jebbal responds:

Spectacular! Megaman is the shit!

Welcome to Newgrounds, and thanks for the review!

Alright i give in :(

Since my last 2 reviews for this song have been removed im going to be serious. It reminds me of when im fighting evil robots and saving the world. Also it sounds great in the car. I like to crank this song and jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jebbal responds:

Just like in Wall-E!

Thanks for the review!

It's kinda cute...

Nostalgic as well. I love Boomer Kuwanger's stage theme. You done it quite well.

Jebbal responds:

I suppose you could call this cute. It works. I would call it humble.

Thanks for the review!

Also, water doesn't dissolve.