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Reviews for "*- Boomer Kuwanger -*(FL Core)"

For a 2008 track on NG, i found it pretty spectacular.
It sure almost nailed the original feel of the track, and that's what makes up for it.
Probably (IMO) the best boomer kuwanger remix on the site, nice job. :)

Ok boomer.

I remember listenning to this specific piece about 3 years ago but never had the chance to review it, now i can say.. it's still holds up for me till' this day. Probably one of the best B.K remixes on NG. I approve it!

Favourite part; All of it since it's a VG track.

can some one make a audio about ok boomer

You missed some strings、but you did a splendid job、regardless。

boomeranger kuwanger is totaly an epic song but this deffinately beats it out!!!!

Jebbal responds:

That's what song this is lol. You mean the original?

Thanks for the review!