Reviews for "Sim Valentine: VDM"

Good, but could be slightly improved.

I liked this game quite a bit. It's the kind of dating-sim/dressup-game crossover that I personally prefer. However, it would be nice if "Goth Girl" would 'acknowledge your prescence,' though I understand that this will probably come in the next update (if any). I would also like it if you could back out and 'bag' all the girls after you've become the "valentine" of one of them, rather than having to close the window and start again. Another thing that might be nice (just because I'm a perv, but you knew that) would be a supplementary dressup game, with the actual dating sim game serving as a way to unlock dolls in the dressup. Or something like that.

hwo do u get the chik with the blak hire?

u can tell me.i wont tell no one.i swer i wont!
o and i gave sond a 0 cuz im at my dads work rhit now and the computer with spekers is being uesd rhit now so i cant say.
ps.plzzzzz tell me.
ur frind monkeydud64 #=*]

was ok

though it was short, and not really that chanllageing it wasnt bad, though it sucked that you couldnt get the one in all black, and thats the one i wanted

It was short, but ok...

It was a little short, just a couple of rooms to go to and you were unable to get the gril in the black, But overall it was a good little game to play


Good, but how do you get the last girl in the black? Was there sound cause I don't have my speakers on. =P

Anyway... good game I liked it.