Reviews for "Sim Valentine: VDM"

Great, but...

The game is great, but it would be nice to talk to the girl in the corner.

one more thing

maybye you should be able to talk to the girl who dosn't even realize you are there

Answers questions

People, you need to click on them to talk, and... if you got the answer wrong, she'll lost an interest on you. Hoped I helped.

Great for what it is

For a simple quick game this was actually very engrossing.
I found the game to be a good diversion and it left me wanting more.
A good game always should I feel.

If it were a bigger game, longer more in depth I think I would hav eto score it higher, but as it is, wow, such a great game.

But yeah as with everyone else, being able to talk to that final girl would have been awesome.

It was pretty good

I agree with lula0001, how do you talk to that girl??