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Reviews for "++ Final Front ++"

fuc whats next he has a hot beat to walk 2

Great job, I really enjoyed this. Has an epic feel to it. Tho the fourth count kick sound's weird. I think you did it on purpose but I think something better could have been done there. Keep up the good work.

kelwynshade responds:

Yeah, I tried a few different kick sounds, and this was the best I could find to keep that 'industrial' feel to it.

Glad you liked it.

Love it.

The sound of the bass sounds really cool to me and the overall song is great.

Good, very dramatic

Yay! I raised the score to 4.4 :D

Like many others here, I can really imagine the scenes of ongoing war, the techno sounds really helped, and I can really visually imagine the ending with the music at 2:20- 2:45 :)

Good job.

Very Nice

I like its ambience, but its title doesnt fit perfectly with the song. My rating 10/10 4/5.


the best techno song ive heard. its really good, i cant stop listening to it!


keep it up!