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Reviews for "++ Final Front ++"

Another Piece Of Awesome

If there was a great rock on earth composed of Pure Epic,
This song would be as if a laser had fired and blown off a large chunk landing in the form of music.

I like your Commentary setting the scenario.
Usually my imagination would do this but it helps.

fuc whats next he has a hot beat to walk 2

Great job, I really enjoyed this. Has an epic feel to it. Tho the fourth count kick sound's weird. I think you did it on purpose but I think something better could have been done there. Keep up the good work.

kelwynshade responds:

Yeah, I tried a few different kick sounds, and this was the best I could find to keep that 'industrial' feel to it.

Glad you liked it.

I really liked this....

... and I thought your comments provided good insight to the piece.

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed this. This scenario was my inspiration for this piece. Glad it worked out.