Reviews for "Meatboy V2"


Noo!!! Riot, i just thought of that joke :(
And you had to think it before me >:(

nice drawing

but without hands he more look like ogmo

Nice job Vero

I could see this thing hanging in a museum.

Daverom responds:

You better not see it, that'd be theft, this is MINE

Yo Dave

Yo Dave, I like yo meat

Daverom responds:

Oh you

Great Touch Up!

Very Nice.
This should be a pretty easy review.

One thing though. I liked the older wave. it seemed a litle more wild, WILD I tell you!

The added detail is really good. You have really pushed it to the top and then boiled it over a little.

The extended lead room is good for the composition and the extra splatter is nice. It reminds me of Street Fighter IV.

You thickened up meat boy a little too. He really pops out now. Comparing the two I like this meat boy a lot more than the other puny one

Nice retake.

Daverom responds:

Looking quickly between the 2 it's like action movie meatboy!
and saturday morning kids show meatboy.