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Reviews for "Doom Space (Hell Space Redux)"

hella sick

nice industrial sound but with metal overtones

Aresdev responds:

Thanks, man! I love NIN, and was inspired by DOOM for this. Appreciate the review!

well what can i say?

bloody hell this is good shit.

Aresdev responds:

Thanks bloke! I appreciate the thumbs up! Thinking about doing more like this!


Bass line is very good, drums well chosen, pretty cool synths. Nice stuff.

Aresdev responds:

Thanks for the review.

dont really see the "metal over-tones"

BUT, it is definately one helluva industrial track

smooth and somewhat ambient, but dark and haunting alongside


Aresdev responds:

Thanks for the review, mate!

I've listenned both, yes, there's an improvement here. I am not a big fan of the monster sounds but everything else is better and more balanced overall.