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Reviews for "Zombie USB"

Nice, nice.

I think I might get some of these little guys. Pretty neat USB drives.

davestudio responds:

I'm working on other USB monsters so...I'll post them on NG!
Did you see the other 2 (a green zombie looks like the #1 here...and a zombie without skin )... (4GB insteade of 1GB)

Thanks again! :D


That.....is the coolest fucking thing....I have ever seen in my entire life. I wish I could give this more than a 10. It easily deserves it. If I wasnt a broke ass college student, I could throw down a lil cash on these.

davestudio responds:

Thanks a lot :)


thats epic. id totally buy all of them. i love them. how hard was it?

davestudio responds:

it takes me around 2 hours / key...from 1st to last step

Type USB zombie on Ebay...you'll find 'em :)
Thanks :)


That's so cool...kinda looks like one of those destructobox characters without the cap....


those have great detail i bet you would get extreme scores and reviews if you made left 4 dead ones of survivors and infected but thats just me but at that really cool design on all four of them