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Reviews for "Zombie USB"


I want the second one....the second one from the left is the best! But real creative....awesome work.

davestudio responds:

thanks :)


Hhahaahahahh Imagine if I brought that to school. All my friends would wanna take a look at it... Too bad I couldnt order things on ebay. Anywayz awesome detailz and stuffs~!

davestudio responds:


zombies! ftw :D

these are realy nice bro! how bout moving on to something like ps3 controllers and stuff! that would be epic!

davestudio responds:

I know....maybe I'll do ;)
Thanks for voting

These will sell out like 3 seconds lol

these r great. i wish i had as much talent as you but whenever i draw on something thats not flat my hand slips over and over again. anyway gr8 artwork!!!!!!!

davestudio responds:

Effort + Perseverance + Idea + Commitment = EPIC results :P
So you can do it...trust yourself!

WTF Briblood and Armoniascuro . . .

So this guy makes ordinary hardware look bad-ass and you got to criticize (negatively) for it, like he's done something wrong? I could see as if you criticized him for the artwork on the flash drives but wtf? WTF?! i believe in the right of freedom of speech but i also believe in the right to remain silent and i believe that your comments are irrelevant to what this guy is posting and should have remain to yourselves. Great job on the flash drives on the dave, great job!

davestudio responds:

Ahahaha thanks a lot! ;)