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Reviews for "Zombie USB"

great job

very good the designs


hah nice


I'd love to take one of these to my nursing class just to see the looks on the girls faces! The detail of the blood coming up onto the silver connection piece is just priceless, awesome attention to detail!

That said, for the people who are complaining about price: you need to keep in mind the amount of work that goes into projects like this! You're not paying for raw materials. That's why the cheap USBs (which are not nearly as awesome as this) are so darn cheap. So stop complaining and give credit where credit is due :P

davestudio responds:

Thanks a lot! You understand pretty well the situation :)
Thanks for watching / voting / comment :)

Will I see them at my local Office Max soon?


and flash drivey-ness

You sir, are one of my heros (Interweb Wise)

These are just...Awesome can not describe it without making words up. I will now need from you 2 USBs, 1 laptop cover case, an IPhone cover, an Iphone, posters, shirts, guitar covers, lights, blenders, water, and Mars...Awesome job, wish I could put up an 14.

davestudio responds:

Thanks! I send you a private message