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Oooh aren't YOU edgy?

Yawn. Spam crews have desensitized us. It ain't funny, it ain't awesome, I don't think you're even trying. I mean, you really gotta step up your game if you're going to try and offend people nowadays.

The focal character is anatomically mushy and sloppily done, the tattoo isn't believable, the nipples look off, and I guess you thought it was a good idea to use a stereotypical anime stress-vein usually reserved for the forehead and just kinda slap it on his bicep or ham-hawk or whatever that's supposed to be.

The green thing in the background looks like ass, and he's not contributing anything useful to the conversation. MindChamber looks nothing like MindChamber, and most of him is obscured by an arm/ham-hawk or he's cut off on the edge of the screen. Nice American Flag, though I doubt you have the artistic ability to have recreated it in such detail.

Meh. I'll give it a two. Keep trying to improve!

SirCannabisClock responds:

yhbt luls