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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

Great! Suggestions:

I would suggest having a detail level in the quality menu, even on low quality, this runs slow on my PC (250 mghrtz, but runs like 300).
Another suggestion is to use TONS OF AUDIO PORTAL MUSIC.:) Since this is a RPG of Newgrounds, don't you think it should have Newground's user's music?
You can use mine, I'm the self dubbed "Overlord of the Audio Portal", I broke the recird of most consecutive top 5 songs (6 in a row!). Hell, another song of mine is featured this week.
Not to be egotistic, I'll get back to what I was saying. Use the Audio Portal.
Aside from that, perhaps you could let some users send you pictures and .fla's of character you could add into the game, I don't know about you but I'd like to see the main character for Murderer in it (Drawn AznPB).
Please respond, if you want, I can send you some useful .fla's and the murderer character,but one thing, if I give you the murderer character, PLEASE DO NOT let anybody else have it. Murderer is supposed to stay somewhat underground until the game gets finished (exception of my test mods and animations).

I like the battle mode too, but it's not that complex in attacks, only 1 attack with the sword? Hmmm...anyways, the full version should have an easy time reaching the top 10 NG submissions.

NG-RPG-Team responds:

Thanx for all the helpful comments, comet! Basically, we have the full game planned and all the allies/enemies as well, but feel free to send me the .fla @ NG_RPG@hotmail.com and we'll contact you if were interested! Thanx for reviewing

meh could be better

i loved the music, "Wake The Dead", mad good. However, a bit too slow. The battle system could be improved, with magic and such. Well, i went into the forest and went down, and i didnt wanna waste my time walking around because i thought that the town was just straight down...........w/e

a Pre-loader?

Just so as to have something other then the great white creen to stare at.... Just a thought.

kool but lacking in gore and sex lol

well i wanna know how many weapons there will be

Good game.

Better make the full version soon, because we're all waiting! I liked this game, I just want to know why when I get to the madness city thigy, there's a tree blocking me. I guess this is because it's not the full version, but overall great game (if you could finnish it!).