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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"


Yes, yes, no pushing... There's enough Axl for everyone! Yes, it IS true! It's really me! Hope you had fun playing!

Very good.

You know, I like RPG's, But I have never found one in flash that I liked, till now. It ran pretty smooth for a demo, I found no major bugs. This game will do well, when you finish it, and get all of the levels opened up. Great work.

Good goin!

Nice RPG, only problem is I don't think there is a way through the woods behind the old hag's house. Too many damned trees, and too many battles. Suggest: increase movement of character (move faster) and a warning if there really is not entrance to that town.

Really nice, one suggestion

Have the guy move faster in the finished version

looking good

this looks promising, i hope the end product is as good as the demo. i think that the user should have a choice to walk/run if they desire. good luck and hope it comes out fast