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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

great job

it's a bit slow. very fun and i can't wait to play the full version. it's great.

that was awesom

That Game was absolutly great. I loved it becuase it was fun to play and was a basically really cool. I can't wait for the finished version to come out
Oh and don't click that link that the previous person posted. I hate when people do that. No one cares about some stupid game that you all play so don't trick us into clicking your stupid links.


tommyv you have my word...idiot. Anyway best game i have played on NG keep working on it i wanna play the whole versian BAD!!!!!!So um please hurry or i will switch to the realm! Lol.


it was good i like what i saw and the music after a fight was good


This... was what I was looking for! Something exactly like this! Its awsome! You neeeed to make the full game!!!