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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

pretty good

Can't wait for the full version, 'cause this was pretty pointless. There doesn't seem to be a story behind it, you should think about including some background info. Maybe tell of why and how he came to be in newgrounds. (unless you plan on laying that out as you progress through the game, also a cool way to go)
Good luck!

Good game

Good gaming idea. Although, it is just a demo and some things need to be worked out. I won't ding you for the flaws. You put some long hours and hard work into this. Keep up the good work. Hope to see the full verson soon. I hope I can give you a good idea for the game, how about having a contest to be an acutal charater in the game? whomever has the highest EXP level or something will win a spot on the final version. sound good?


This... was what I was looking for! Something exactly like this! Its awsome! You neeeed to make the full game!!!

well it will eventualy come out

well duh 2 reasons i think he put a tree to block path:1.its in full version 2.to piss u guys off for laughs
put stats :P and of couse its gonna take a long time it took stick arena ballistik a long time to be made and so shall stickrpg 2

Here's the deal...

Ayt, I'm taking over this project. LimpNoodle can join me if he wants, but I'm doin' this shit.