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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

fuckity fuckity fuckity fuck

is there a fucking way out of the fucking forest and how about going to stick ville and fuck its fucking slow u fucking got that


dude... looks fun... but dont put out demos that are only the first 3 minutes of gameplay... you give your self a bad name... i'd rather have a good game come out unexpectedly...than waiting for it forever......... game already sucked... but now its a 0 on my list instead of a 3 or 4...

itz okay but i seen way better

i mean why is diz in front page i mean its really SLOW and bad grapchis even tactics ogre should beat it and da guy is really slow at walking one thing to ATLEAST improve on is speeding up a little

NG-RPG-Team responds:

come back when you are a bit older and have learnt how to spell and string a sentence together. kids shouldnt be on this site, 13 is way too young to see some of the things ive seen on here

too hard

when i have finish the mad forest there a fucking tree block me to go at the mad city and in the forest all 2 sec a fucking enemy come and the graphics suck a fucking bullshit game that !

fuck it most wanted