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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

Awsome Rpg, Good Work.

A Vey Good Rpg But I Encountered A Bug, I Had 161/200 Hp In The First Path, I Had Roughly 100 Gold And One More Fight Till I Leveled Up, The Enemy Died But His Hp Bar Remained At 0 And Ddidnt Go Away, He Had A Small Dagger, The Game Didnt Continue After That, Also Consider Wrighting The Contols Out In Subtitles In The Control Screen Along With The Picture Of The Keybord And The Outlines Showing The Controls.
I Hope This Helps You.
Please After Your Done Make Many Many More Sequals To Cover The Full Aspect Of Newgrounds...Exept Clocks.

nice, but as for the character...

The game's REALLY good for being this early in development, but some create-a-character options would be nice, I'm sure not EVERYBODY wants to be a blonde flaming metrosexual.


i wouldnt put anything about the clock crew in it though....yuck unless you can beat them up with voice generator machines!! then it would be great...down with the clocks!

Looking good.

Interesting concept, and one that I can easily see as a full game. Walking is a tad slow; an option to run would be a blessing. As far as the battle system goes, it's very stylish, but needs some tweaking. For example, you can't attack while jumping or crouching; the ability to do that (and enemies that might make it a necessity) would add volumes to the system. A menu system would be nice too, especially if equipment and chracter customization are going to be a part of this game. As a demo, though, this flash is quite hot.

Excellent Work

This is great, awesome flash, awesome game, 10 doesn't say enough, 5 isn't good enough, this is way cool. Can't wait for the finished product!